Annual Day Celebrations

Annual Day Celebrations

The competitions conducted in view of the Annual Day functions, tap the inherent skills of the students. Class-wise Annual Day Celebrations are organised to bring out the innate talents of the students to the spotlight. The function dates are notified in the School Calendar.

The ingrained excellence of each student, both in the scholastic and the co-scholastic domains are acknowledged with prizes and certificates. The winners in sports competitions of classes III - V are awarded Sports trophies and certificates along with their academic prizes.


Observing a Montessori classroom offers an insight into the rhythm and climate of the prepared environment. The Parents of JM2 children can visit the respective Environment once in a year as per the time schedule mentioned in the school calendar.

This visit deepens their awareness of the Montessori tenets. They watch their children work with the materials in the presence of the adult.


Grandparents play the roles of caregivers, teachers, playmates and trusted advisors in the lives of children. The children of JM3 celebrate the "Grandparents' Day" every year to honour their Paternal and Maternal Grandpartnets. Strong intergenerational connections give the children a sense of security.

The celebration not only honours grandparents, but also provides an opportunity to show their love for the grandchildren. It helps children to become aware of the moral strength offered by the grandparents.