Play Park

Play Park

Montessori Play Park induces independent action of children and promotes safe physical activity.

Climbing frames like Pikler Triangles develop the gross motor skills of children as they move, climb, crawl and play. Play ground slide, Spiral Tunnel slide, Zig zag slide, Long swing and See-saw are a few play equipment that help children enjoy their play time.

Entertainment Domain

Ball pool is an area of amusement and exercise for children. Ball pits contribute to the development of both gross and fine motor skills in children-specifically, they improve balance, hand-eye coordination and throwing and catching skills.

Indoor Basketball helps the children in improving their balance and throwing accuracy. Indoor Play House gives children a space to play on their own. It is a safe environment to develop role play skills. It also promotes their creativity, communication, empathy and confidence. Children learn to cooperate with their peers at ease.