Devotion, dedication and discipline are the keys that unlock the doors of opportunity to the future growth and progress of our nation. Patriotism is instilled in the minds of the students by celebrating the National Festivals- Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanthi and Republic Day with an absolute feeling of Nationalism.


The Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August every year. It is a day of dedication to the martyrs who embraced the gallows to sacrifice themselves for Mother India to obtain freedom from the British tyranny.

Students salute our great nation with freedom in their minds, strength in their words and zeal in their hearts.


The birthday of Mahatma Gandhi - the upholder of peace, is celebrated on 2nd October every year. In the function, students recall the Gandhian thoughts and eulogise the “Father of the Nation”.

Students understand the significance of this day as the International Day of Non-Violence.


The Republic Day honours the date on which the Constitution of India came into force on 26th January 1950.

The unfurling of the national flag commemorates India becoming Republic. The school campus reverberates with patriotic fervour. The students commit themselves to promote fraternity. They take pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. They solemnly resolve to be a part of the Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic India.