Personality Development

Personality Development

Life, Organisational And Leadership Skills

Success is tripled, when investment in Personality development is doubled. Holistic development essentially means the development of intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social abilities in every student.

The personality of every student gets shaped with experience gained in the school campus. Life skills consist of Thinking and Emotional Skills.

Students grow with sympathy and empathy and are able to solve problems, make decisions and accept criticism. They grow as individuals who have the capacity to think, to communicate and to collaborate.

Organisational skills are competencies that help them to structure everyday tasks. They get trained to do things in a timely fashion, complete their home tasks, to plan projects and to prioritise their tasks.

Leadership skills are the strengths and abilities demonstrated by the students with a focus on the achievement of individual and group goals.

Each class has section-wise Assistant Leaders and Leaders. The students of classes XI - XII exercise their franchise, select those with leadership qualities and elect them as Assistant School Pupil Leader and School Pupil Leader.

The students who are chosen as the Assistant School Pupil Leader and as the School Pupil Leader are required to wear their respective badge on all the working days.

Students design their own personal moral codes and develop a concern for others. They reflect on and search for patterns in the experiences they gain.

They build a positive self-image and concentrate on critical and reflective thinking. They shape their actions in coherence with their thoughts, stay motivated and maintain a high self-esteem.

The overall personality of the students gets shaped and they will be able to accept and face all challenges in life.