Computer Education

Computer Education

Computers and other digital devices are indispensable to life in the twenty-first century society. Digital Technology in all walks of life has necessitated the imparting of computer knowledge to the children.

SM1 and SM2 children are given the basic knowledge of a computer and its operations, as computers cater to the global vision of every child.

Primary Grade - Classes III - V

The personal and professional life of every student gets shaped by computers. Students learn to do a wide range of educational activities with hands-on experience. This encourages the students on different aspects of imagination, exploration and creativity in a well-lit and spacious computer laboratory. They become familiar with the parts of the computer, learn the basics of MS word, Power point and other application software.

Middle Grade - Classes VI - VIII

Access to computers and the Internet has become a basic need for education. Students undergo computer training and master the formal skills, by gaining knowledge in EXCEL, Flash, Graphics, and many more. Students become familiar with the use of important computer applications. The spacious laboratory and the seating layout allow the students to work with ease.

Secondary Grade - Classes IX & X

Access to computers and the Internet has become a basic need for education in our society. The students of the Secondary Division become familiar with the Basics of Information Technology, Office Tools, Networking, HTML, Cyber Ethics and Cyber Safety through their computer classes.