Educational Tour & Field Trip

Educational Tour & Field Trip

Educational Tour

Educational Tour offers a huge welcome break for the students. It provides an opportunity for a worldly experience. Class-wise educational tours are organised for the students of classes VI - XI, connecting them with people and places on a much deeper level. Students get an opportunity to move and interact with the society and thus the tour organised for pleasure becomes a treasure.

They learn to adapt to the real-life environments, develop travel etiquette and become independent. Such educational tours create life-long memories for the participants.


Seeing is Learning – Travelling is Experiencing Education is multi-faceted and is not contained within the classroom. With the aim to give the children wholesome education, children are exposed to real-life situations through various processes, among which, travelling is also one. Children from JM2 to Class XII are taken on short Field Trips. The places of visit are selected relevant to their syllabus. Based on their importance and feasibility, a plan is chalked out before the academic year starts. Children of today are restricted to classrooms, T.V. and Computers. They hardly have any knowledge of Nature or the processes that are involved in raising a crop or making a product. Hence, the field trips include agricultural forms, factories, production units and also places of knowledge like museums, botanical gardens, etc. Children immensely enjoy these trips, as they get a break from the monotony of the classroom and get more opportunities for better interaction. Behavioural change such as conducting themselves in public places, enquiring politely, observation, concentration, etc., are also observed towards the end of these trips.